Lesson 2 in Stress Control: Letting blood is no longer a valid form of de-stress

Yep. This is me.

Yep. This is me.

It has never been discussed in my posts how I am one of those horrifically clumsy people that need to be rolled in cotton wool on a daily basis. I am such a person. At some points I have been described as ‘A walking disaster. With legs’. Lately I haven’t had any major accidents – just my usual stream of mysterious bruises and the occasional saved stumble. Naturally, today fate, karma, or whatever force you believe in, decided that this needed to change.

This week’s Stress Control class was meant to see us less stressed than last week, as we knew where to find the building. We even had a slight shortcut in mind. However, as we crossed the road I suddenly found myself sailing gracefully through the air as I tripped over the curb (apparently). Apparently it was actually very graceful – the pilates must be doing me some good! Thankfully it was one of those falls where time seems to slow down, or at least I instantly realised what was going on and managed to slow myself in some way, as I had the time to roll myself away from falling onto both my palms and my face. I do have a slightly swollen patch on one palm, but I can deal with that. My knee is a different matter though. I instantly got up, not particularly phased by the whole incident as I had somehow managed to deal with it relatively safely for me falling over, noted that there was quite a big hole in my tights, but there didn’t seem to be too much damage to my leg. By the time we got round the corner to the hall there was quite a lot of blood, and thankfully there was a first aid box so I had access to some plasters and cleaning wipes. These didn’t really help much and by the end of the evening people were asking me what I’d done (it looked so bad one woman thought I’d fallen off of a bike, not my own legs!). Thus en route home I had a look for bandages, but they only had children’s plasters in Lidl. Much as I love animal shaped plasters, this time they just weren’t going to cut it! I did buy some imitation nutella and an abusive amount of biscuits, but I’m coming to that. Co-op didn’t have any bandages either, so I am now writing with a cotton pad and some microporus tape covering up the nice hole in my knee.WP_20131010_004

Despite being told a number of times in English A-Level classes that it used to be believed that letting blood was a cure for many things, including stress, I have been forced to conclude that this is really not the case. Worryingly, my main concern is that I’m not going to be able to do Blogilates in the morning! I can’t do anything on my knees! I missed out the last five minutes this morning because of time, and I just looked through tomorrow’s videos and there are a lot of knee-related movements. Saturday is the rest day, so I might swap the two days around. I really need the exercise as I have been quite unhealthy today!

WP_20131010_005The other day I  came across a post involving hot chocolate made from milk and nutella. Simples. Today has been a bad day for eating. I’ve just been hungry all day! After my little accident I decided that hot chocolate would be a nice treat, and picked up Lidl’s version of nutella, as I mentioned. I also bought the awesome chocolate sandwich biscuits.

This hot chocolate is amazing. Probably easier than the normal stuff as you don’t have to keep trying to stir out the lumps. and it tastes awesome. With sandwich biscuits dipped into it I was in heaven.

I’m going to sleep now. I can’t stay awake any more! Masters is exhausting!

Photobooth: Accurately depicts how people really feel?

Photobooth: Accurately depicts how people really feel?


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