The Mystery of Gary and the Toilet Brush

Some spiders are just so large that they need to be named and counted as an extra housemate. Gary is such a spider – I  came across him in the bathroom yesterday morning but Bethan had already discovered him when he decided to climb inside her towel and then her clothes after she had a bath. When I left home yesterday evening Gary was happily sitting next to the toilet brush, where he had been all day.

This is Julia.

This is Julia.

Can I just add that I haven’t always been crazy enough to name spiders, it’s actually quite a recent thing. On the night that I got dumped there was a massive spider in the downstairs loo, so the two of us were only using the upstairs toilet. Then the ex’s housemate came down, and we mentioned this spider, to which he replied, ‘Oh, you found Geoff!’ Despite all the anguish and whatever that was going on, I still found that hilarious. When I was at home I found a pretty sizeable spider in the bath and named her Julia. Apparently Mum threw Julia out of the bathroom window. So now it has become a thing – I name large spiders.

Anyway. I came home last night and became greatly distressed. On entering the bathroom I discovered that the toilet brush holder had been overturned and the brush itself was lying on the floor. My instant conclusion was that someone had used the brush in a vicious attack to murder Gary, which made me very sad. Although I’m sure I wouldn’t like it if I found him in my room or running fast at me, I would never want him dead. However, upon talking to my other housemate, the main suspect, today, I discovered that she had not been aware that the toilet brush had moved, and that she had met Gary in the kitchen this morning.

Thus Gary is alive and at large somewhere in the house. I actually find this quite distressing, as I didn’t mind having a large spider around when I knew where he was. I also don’t mind having large spiders around if I don’t know they’re there. It’s when I know they’re there and am unsure of where they are – that’s when the real potential for surprise is added.

The main question, however, is not about Gary’s location, but about how the toilet brush got thrown to the floorMaybe Gary is the spider equivalent of the Incredible Hulk?


Apparently my name has too many letters...

Apparently my name has too many letters…

Maybe it’s the stress of having a giant hulk-spider on the loose in the house, but I’ve been unreasonably hungry today. Me and Siân cracked into a packaged Victoria Sponge that was left behind after Beth’s birthday party and have now eaten about two thirds of it… It is out of date and needs to be finished? Siân says that we are vindicated in our cake eating because we finally found all of the letters that she hid around the house. I’m not sure about the logic, but there’s not much that can be done about eating a third of a cake…

The measure of a good meal (according to Siân): Can you stand a fork in it?

The measure of a good meal (according to Siân): Can you stand a fork in it?

Dinner was good though. As it is the first rest day of Abtoberfest today’s tasks were to do a 10 minute stretching for flexibility video and to make cauliflower crust pizza. I have done this before and put too many watery vegetables on it, so it came out kind of soggy, so I decided to make Cassie’s latest Cheap Clean Eat, Cheesy Cauliflower Pizza Bites. It involved grating cauliflower, so I decided that they’re somewhere around the same ball-park. I made coodles (we realised that courgette noodles works just as well as zucchini noodles when you think about it) and homemade tomato sauce to go with these balls of cheese and cauliflower and they were rather tasty. I forgot to put the garlic in and they definitely needed it, but they were still good. Although I did have major problems with mozzarella-meltage and some falling apart. We live, we learn.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

However, I am tempted to go to bed now to stop me from eating more! Otherwise I might finish the cake…



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