Why-have-I-got-a-bag-of-carrots-in-my-backpack Soup

On Monday I was lazy. Not super lazy – I still got up and managed to get myself to uni and orchestra – but the kind of lazy where actually preparing food was too much effort to contemplate. Consequently, I decided to buy a sandwich whilst I was at uni. I was going to chop up some carrots to take as a snack, but discovered that I had neglected my bag of carrots so long that they had all gone very off. So on the way in, whilst my housemate waited outside with my travel mug, I ran into Sainsbury’s and bought a bag of pre-chopped carrots.

Why my carrots had gone off in the first place is a mystery as I am generally a carrot fiend. My normal enthusiasm has however been lacking, and this became very clear when I found the bag of pre-chopped carrots at the bottom of my backpack two days later. Although they no longer looked appetising enough to eat, I stuck them in the fridge hoping to achieve something else with them. Thus I  created the ‘Why have I got a bag of carrots in my backpack?’ Soup.

WP_20131004_014Today has also been quite lazy. Although I haven’t been writing about it, I have been attempting Cassey Ho’s latest calendar for Abtoberfest. So far I have completed 2/4 days. After seeing comments saying that the final video for Day 1 was making people feel like they were going to throw up I decided it wasn’t such a good idea to attempt it, seeing as I was ill and it had taken me the whole day to feel well enough to do anything! Then yesterday I simply ran out of time. Anyway, I completed the arm and back workouts today, and have just sort of been sitting around ever since. I eventually decided to force myself to do something by making the Easiest, Healthiest Cookie recipe that I never managed to do in order to finish my beginner’s calendar. I decided to add some cinnamon, as I like that sort of thing with bananas. The end result actually really reminds me of a low pro-points flapjack recipe that I used to make in the days of my true Weight-Watcher-dom. Definitely not a cookie, but still pretty nice.WP_20131004_010

This then spurred me on in my soup making efforts, and I have decided that I like it so much that I will share it with you. It is definitely not a perfect recipe, but it tastes good, is super easy to make, and it is a million miles away from my first soup recipe attempts, in which I managed to make an interestingly watery mushroom gravy-type concoction!

‘Why have I got a bag of carrots in my backpack’ Soup


  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 400g carrots (mine are pre-chopped but you don’t have to be lazy)
  • Apprx. 800ml vegetable stock
  • Probably about a thumb sized piece of ginger (I use Lazy Ginger, so I just dumped a load from the jar into the pan. Use however much you like!)
  • Cumin seeds
  • Coriander Seeds
  1. Heat some oil to a medium heat in a frying pan and add the onion, cooking until tender but not browned or burned.
  2. Add the ginger, cumin seeds and coriander seeds to the onion (I didn’t measure the seeds, I love the flavours so I just put in a generous amount!). Cook them for a minute or so, until you can start to smell them
  3. Place all the ingredients in a big saucepan (yes, everything!) and simmer for around 20 minutes, or until your carrots can be really easily jabbed through with any sharp implement.
  4. Use a blender-blender or a stick-blender to make your soup the desired consistency – I found that it was best to get it as smooth as possible as I am a stick-blender user and this normally leaves lumps anyway. I get the feeling that I am also supposed to warn you not to blend things until they have cooled down some, but I never do this…
  5. Enjoy. I decided to share this completely untested recipe that I just made up with you because I took one bite (I had dipped a bread roll in it) and loved the slightly gingery flavour, with hints of lemon from the coriander seeds and curry from the cumin. Yum! WP_20131004_012

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I'm a music graduate who likes to cook too much!
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