The Pub Lunch Disaster and a Cake Detox

It has been an interesting few days. Friday was a busy one, and I forgot to do my reading again, but busy days still feel better! I had my audition for Symphony Orchestra first thing, which was okay but my cello decided to have some serious tuning issues between the practice room and the concert hall. It’s like he was trying to embarrass me. I got it sorted out anyway and the audition was fine, although I did majorly hash up most of the sight reading. I love Benjamin Britten but he really does give conductors some possibility for beastly sight reading! I also sort of shot myself in the foot when asked to play a whole passage of octaves double stopped. Apparently everyone else had played both the notes, but the long-and-short of this is that my hands are not big enough to play the notes I was given. My left thumb is also double jointed so it causes a lot of trouble if I do try the sort of thing I was being asked to attempt. With my small hands in mind, I asked which note I was required to play and was told ‘both’. At this point I protested – the part has ‘divisi’ written in it, which means I should only have to play one note, whilst my imaginary desk partner plays the other. Essentially, I gain plus points for my score reading (no one else had noticed the div marking), but points probably get knocked off for my refusal to do what everyone else had done anyway. We’ll all find out how that went down tomorrow I suppose.

It smells like Turkish Delight!!!

It smells like Turkish Delight!!!

After that I went into town and applied for some Christmas temp jobs, and also treated myself to some new shower gel. Seriously treated, I bought a big bottle of Rose Jam from Lush. It’s been available online but you can’t smell it like that, and rose can be a funny one. As I am almost out of shower gel I had bought some Porridge soap on Thursday, and decided on Friday morning that I can’t buff my skin quite that much everyday, so I chose to pick up some of the very lovely smelling shower gel when I went in to do my applications. One of the lovely ladies working there also took me upstairs and tried out some of the blueberry face mask on my arm, which felt gloriously soft and smelled like you could eat it for the rest of the day! I then took my purchase to the Freshers’ Fayre in order to wave it at my friends working on stalls, including one of my housemates who is now threatening to steal it.

This also smells AMAZING!

This also smells AMAZING!

Before my String Orchestra audition (an odd occurrence because it essentially involved me playing the cello for two friends who know exactly what I sound like) I ended up going for lunch in the pub with one of said friends. A couple of others ended up tagging along, which was lovely and turned out to be a very lucky coincidence. After 40 minutes and well after everyone else had started on their food (Carol, who I originally went with, had even left by this point), my food finally turned up. I had ordered a jacket potato with three bean chilli, after contemplating a veggie burger for ages and deciding that I really did want something a bit healthier, and the dish turned up with a slightly green tinged potato and some chilli with only one type of bean visible in it. Liking to believe the best, and knowing that the menu was going through a change, I sort of poked it a bit, sniffed it, then nibbled on a tiny bit of the chilli. It didn’t taste like Quorn, and after a few seconds the reminiscent taste of school-dinner beef bolognese hit me. So I asked one of my companions to try it. She said it tasted just like normal chilli. Up I go to the bar, feeling very self conscious as I will look like a moron if I am wrong, asking if the potato that just got brought out had been served with the veggie chilli or meat chilli. I have it pointed out that meat chilli isn’t in that section of the menu (I am well aware), before the admittedly very friendly bar-man phones the kitchen. He looks worried, then comes back and tells me I am being cooked another dinner!

I had been served meat chilli…

Ironically, the new dinner took less than half the time to cook than my original meal! I also had a man come out to apologise, telling me that he too is vegetarian and knows how frustrating it can be, before giving me a couple of free drink vouchers that actually add up to more than my food cost. They couldn’t give me a beer and a burger voucher because it doesn’t cover a veggie burger, which I think is sort of wrong really, as I am definitely more likely to use that than to go mad and drink both a pint and a double vodka red bull… But yeah. When my food came it was actually really good, and I am not naming names because I do like it in this specific pub and they were very good about it, checking on me about three times whilst I was eating to make sure it was okay! I was happy – the second potato wasn’t green! It just shows how strong the veggie-senses get in only a year though!

This is the sort of madness that ensues when I stay up too late baking. It happens a lot.

This is the sort of madness that ensues when I stay up too late baking. It happens a lot.


Chocolate fudge cake

Friday evening was spent in a frenzy of baking activity. Officially, Macmillan coffee mornings ran on Friday morning, but due to the Freshers’ Fayre we moved ours to Saturday. Most people I asked said that they would come if it was Saturday instead of Friday. After a great deal of effort and excitement, six people came in total. Consequently me and my housemates spent a large portion of the day sitting in the living room and eating cake. We have now sworn that we will not touch cake again for at least a week, and genuinely cannot deal with the idea of eating anything sweet, spongey, or biscuity! We raised £15, so it wasn’t all sad, but it would have been nice if more people had turned up! And we wouldn’t have spent yesterday evening and all of today trying to fob off our leftover baking on anyone and everyone!WP_20130928_006

Spending the morning playing Classical Snap and Pairs is clearly tiring

Spending the morning playing Classical Snap and Pairs is clearly tiring

Naturally, I feel pretty gross today! It didn’t help that instead of eating healthily for the rest of yesterday to make up for the cake, we decided to counteract the sweetness with ridiculously cheesy toasties! I went for the classic cheese and marmite, which made me happy. It also ended up with me taking an hour long mid-afternoon nap! Today has definitely been better, although I didn’t wake up until almost midday!

Uni starts for real tomorrow!WP_20130927_020


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