Hold your horses, it’s Freshers’ week.

No, really. Hold your horses. The freshers all walk so slowly that you’re not going anywhere fast! I got to the point of almost shouting at the group of slow walkers I was stuck behind the other day that if I put my cello down, it could walk faster than them on its own. I know it’s only a tiny thing, but it does send me up the wall. Although an even bigger bug bear is when sort of the opposite happens and a group of people walks towards you, taking up the whole path, and then gives you dirty looks because they have to allow a tiny bit of space for you to not fall off the path. The main offenders are normally girls, I am sad to say. They give you that look of ‘you are dirt under our feet, why do you want us to get out of your way?’ I just spend my time wanting to scream at people ‘THERE’S ONE OF ME AND THREE OF YOU, JUST BRAKE UP THE LINE FOR 3 SECONDS!’

Sorry, rant over!

It is official; I am enrolled, remembered to pay my course fees, and am now a real postgraduate! I then forgot to go to my library induction this morning, but that can be dealt with. This week has kind of been a full on start of a new course, start of a new life job. I attempted to go out on Monday night and didn’t have a very good time of it – the bit in Varsity where we were all drawing on each other (graffiti night) and dancing was brilliant, but then we went on to Glam (which I’ve always hated anyway). Something about the combination of excessive bass with a huge crowd of people set me off and I ended up having to leave because I could barely breathe. So I am now a pubs and bars girl only!

I am also glad to say that after a week and a half of eating a pretty normal diet with standard dairy milk, my body seems to be willing to cooperate with me again.

Sorry, I just got really distracted as the bar that recommends articles to link to suggested a handy list of do’s and don’ts for pulling in freshers’ week. I despair. I really do, I just read the article out of curiosity.

Anyway. Standard vegetarianism suits me as well as ever. I’ve gone in for a different approach to normal whereby instead of choosing a recipe and buying everything to make it, I just ad-lib something by trying to use up the food I have. It has had some interesting results. Tonight, for instance, I had courgette noodles (I have adopted the American ‘zoodles’ from zucchini because it is much easier to say!) with roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, pierogi ruskie, and crazy radish salsa.WP_20130926_012


Admittedly, creating this dish did involve a trip into town to locate a julienne peeler, but I needed to go to the bank and also to get some soap, so it wasn’t too much effort. I was such a super good person and only bought the things on my list as well!

The peeler involved going into Kitchens; the amazing kitchen shop on St Mary St. We won’t tell my Mum about this as she has expressly forbidden me from going in there, for my own good. And the good of my bank account. I didn’t buy anything other than what I needed, but window-shopping in Kitchens was definitely the best part of my trip to town. The area itself was less crowded than Queen St and the shop was beautifully quiet as its contents aren’t generally the sort of thing that freshers are looking for. For instance, see my attached picture of the GIANT COLANDER OF DOOM!

Just found this beauty of my first trip to Kitchens. It's only the BIGGEST COLANDER YOU'VE EVER SEEN!

Just found this beauty of my first trip to Kitchens. It’s only the BIGGEST COLANDER YOU’VE EVER SEEN!

My new julienne peeler definitely ticks all the boxes: it made my courgette into perfectly noodle-sized strips, is definitely sharp (as proven by my bleeding thumb), and also comes with a handy cover attached to stop future accidents once it has been lost into the world of the utensil drawer. I highly recommend zoodles as well. Literally attack a courgette with the peeler, place the strips in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and voila, almost instant pasta substitute. And it tastes of courgette, which is one of my favourite vegetables. Win.

WP_20130926_005Crazy radish salsa is another child of the use-up. I felt that dinner needed some kind of sauce, and decided that I needed to use up the cherry tomatoes that have been languishing in the fridge all week. In my hunt for a solution to squidgy tomatoes I came across a recipe for chunky salsa in my old Weight Watchers folder. I had to buy a couple of extra ingredients, but one was missing from Lidl: the red chilli. I didn’t really want full-on spicy salsa, but when I came across very cheap radishes I decided to sub them in for the peppery taste. The result is actually very tasty, and goes better with the zoodles than the rest of the things that I cooked!

One final thing, before I impart my first ever (underwhelming) recipe on you (I will write out my townies recipe at some point!): Whilst life is getting busier due to my course, I am planning on continuing to write. Ideally I want to be on here at least once a week, as I find it so very therapeutic! My main reason for not writing much in the last week or so has actually been computer trouble – my laptop died and I have been using a netbook so painfully slow that I threatened to throw it out the window once every half-hour or so. This has all changed now, as my new computer has arrived! It is beautiful and I am in love with it!

This is going to reveal such a nerdy side to me, but I feel I should share it with you: I name all of my technological devices after Star Wars characters. My iPod is called C3P0, as it is a very shiny gold coloured shuffle, and various other items have acquired names. My laptop was Luke, the netbook was Leia. My USB stick is called Han Solo because it spends a lot of time plugged into Leia. As I’ve literally gone to the dark side and moved onto a MacBook, I am actually tempted to call my new laptop Darth Vader. But it is so very beautiful that I am unsure. Consequently, I cannot name my new computer until the new Star Wars film comes out as I will then see if there is a suitable new character – I feel like my computer life is advancing along with the plotline, so maybe a new character would be better. We shall see. All I know is that, in spite of all the techie excitement that’s been going on, I had great fun with the materials they used to pack the laptop in!WP_20130924_007

Crazy Radish Salsa:

  • 6 large tomatoes + 8 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 red pepper, deseeded
  • 4 spring onions
  • 4-6 radishes, topped and tailed

Cut the tomatoes into chunks, and the cherry tomatoes into quarters or halves. Place into a bowl and crush lightly with the back of a spoon. Finely dice the pepper, spring onions, and radishes. Add to the tomatoes and mix in some lime juice, and salt and pepper to taste.


Ta-da. Simple, healthy, and very cheap if you shop at Lidl! Enjoy!


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