It’s all about time

It must be said – I am a massive fan of all things wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey. My Doctor Who nerdism dates back to before it was cool; I watched old episodes when I was little before the new set of series began. When it was announced that they were going to start making it again, some people I know were all ‘What do you mean, Doctor Who is coming back?! It’s a new programme!’ Fools. One of my more distressing memories of being a teenager is when Dad’s copy of The Time Machine (the 2002 film version) stopped working just before the main point of the story was unveiled. As it is, maybe this is a good thing because I can now read the book (finally available as a free kindle download!) without being totally spoiled. And it was so long ago that I can’t really remember what was happening anyway…

So. When we went to see About Time in the cinema yesterday, it was with great glee that I realised that the last time I had to go right to the top floor of Cineworld was to see a film called In Time. It actually made my day. That was a really good film too, come to think of it. I went to see it on a whim after orchestra, and never expected to like a film with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in it. But then it was a dystopian future, very well executed, and Justin grows on you when your previous judgement of him is based on when you were 12 and he was the antithesis of what you wanted to hear in music. And that was after *NSYNC.

After seeing the advert for About Time I had it down as a cross between The Time Traveller’s Wife and One Day, so naturally I turned up ready for a good, hearty blub. I will not spoil anyone, but there was definitely blubbing! It wasn’t for the reasons I thought though. And I enjoyed that. For some reason I had really built up my expectations of what this film was going to be and how the story would go, but it knocked them all down and rebuilt them into something possibly even more touching than I had expected. Thankfully I have a cold, so I wasn’t wearing mascara anyway, as one of my eyes keeps getting inexplicably overexcited and leaking all over the place, then going pink. It’s a really good look. I think what I am trying to say is that I think people should see this film, it is really beautiful.

Also, Rachel McAdams is so frustratingly perfect. I have reserves about saying perfect, but gorgeous is too heavy a word. Perfect was my initial reaction after the film, so we’ll stick with that. Her face is just so very pretty.

That’s all I have to say about that really…

13795_10151390457431111_440406620_nOverslept this morning (it was going to happen one day), so had to save day 19 of Blogilates until after I got back from Lidl. I ran into a friend in the shop, and he was complaining about being smelly because he’d been to the gym, which made me feel so bad that I downed a pint of water and dashed upstairs to my yoga mat as soon as I got home! That then meant that I had to break out my incredibly sexy ducky shower cap in order to stop myself smelling after, and now I am all cosy and curled up in my dressing gown. But alas, I have to do some cello practice before my second housemate moves in, so I will need to put proper clothes back on!

Life is hard. Although it might be if my neighbours don’t like my playing. We’ve gotten on well so far, but I am a massive fan of using a metronome for practice. Nobody likes a metronome girl.

All I did was lift the lid to take a picture and I want to eat them all!!!

All I did was lift the lid to take a picture and I want to eat them all!!!

And off I go, although I’m not sure how much my body is going to appreciate playing the cello after exercise! I also have to try not to undo all my hard work by eating too many of the apple crumble muffins that I made in celebration of having a full house – especially as only a few days after ditching the excess soy we seem to be actually getting somewhere!


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  1. My husband loves Dr. Who! Celeste 🙂

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