‘She must be better, she’s baking lots!’: Making Changes – Volume 1

What with all the things that be a-changing (becoming a Postgrad… Becoming a Postgrad… Becoming… Okay. One really BIG change, but it is BIG!) and the way that I am trying to make my life more positive for the change, I thought that I would turn any such change related posts into a sort of mini-series. Just for my own amusement really. You know you have some sort of problem when you get excited by the idea of organising posts into their own special category!

We have now reached a point where I am not at home so much for myself as to look after Mum once she’s been to hospital tomorrow – with my sister’s timetable she suddenly realised that there wouldn’t be someone at home for her after having a general anaesthetic, so I agreed to prolong my stay until the end of this week. This fact was neatly highlighted when she felt comfortable enough sitting across the room from me and loudly discussing over the phone how ‘She’s come home for a bit. Yeah, her boyfriend dumped her… Of course there’s someone better out there for her!’ At this point my sister sort of raised her eyebrows at me and we shared the sisterly smile of ‘Wow, Mum’. It wasn’t that bad actually, it’s the going back I’m more worried about. But it will be fine! I had a bit of a low day yesterday, but I think that’s more related to the fact that I am clearly going crazy: I was feeling a bit down in M&S and then almost burst into tears because I thought a necklace was really pretty!

10 days! 10!!!

10 days! 10!!!

The big change that has happened since I’ve been here is the steady exercise regime. 10 days into Blogilates and still going strong! In fact, going stronger! Nope, I can’t do a roll up properly yet, but I no longer have to literally lever myself off of the floor using my arms – I can just sort of pull on my leggings and it gives me that little bit of extra balance. Sit-ups are still impossible, but we’re going to get there. Over the course of the beginner’s calendar some of the workouts repeat, and on my second attempt it was noticeable that I could actually do more of the moves without having to stop to lay on the floor and cry a bit. Progress!

There is no chance of you seeing my ‘Before’ photo because I don’t really feel like subjecting anyone to my underwear right now, but I swear I can see a difference! Mum told me the other day that she could see it as well. This morning in the mirror I swear I could begin to see a bit of shape round the edge of my stomach, where ‘abs’ would be if I didn’t make so much cake. My wobbly bits are less wobbly, and the lumpy bits on the wobbly bits are less lumpy! Those were my issue, so result! I also feel more alive, a bit more bendy, and I keep randomly dancing round the house. This morning it was freezing, and I was like ‘Do I have to get up, I don’t want to get out of the toasty bed!’ And then I suddenly went ‘Yeah! Do the exercise! The exercise will warm me up!’ Crazy. If it’s waking me up in the morning, I’m definitely going to need to keep this up during term-time!

WP_20130909_001Alongside this I’m meant to be treating my body well in terms of what I put into it. I find this difficult at home, but it will definitely become easier at uni. I have planned out today nicely to try and make up for my transgression yesterday: me and Mum ended up having lunch in M&S and she bought me a cheese scone to go with the soup, along with letting the lady put cream on top of my mocha. I have never had this before, and when I said that I wasn’t expecting it Mum looked sad. But I really didn’t mind having cream on my mocha – it is my comfort drink as it is and the beast that I had yesterday was super comforting!

I may be failing at what I put in my face, but I’m having great fun with what I put on it! This is actually something that I have been working on changing for a while, but I am trying to be kinder to my skin. Over the last couple of years I have developed a bad habit of removing my makeup at night with a face-wipe and leaving it at that. Cleaning done. This came about because I lived in a skanky house and didn’t want to use the sink too much, and because most of my experiences with cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc. weren’t doing much other than making my skin alternately dry, greasy, and more spotty. So I gave up.

WP_20130910_004Quite recently I read about all the bad stuff that face-wipes leave on the skin, and started rinsing my face at the sink after using them. When I ran out of wipes I switched to a foaming face-wash and started using it in the morning and the evening. Becoming aware that this wasn’t necessarily removing all my makeup, when Jenny came to stay with me I invested in the Bodyshop’s Aloe Calming Toner for sensitive skin. Overall this has been doing me really well, but my face is getting a little bit dry, although it is nothing compared to previous experience! My previous moisturiser problems have most likely been down to the quality of what I was using – I would buy the cheapest thing possible and hope it worked! This time my current love of Lush won out when I was looking through their magazine, and having chatted to the girl in the shop yesterday I decided that Vanishing Cream was indeed probably my best option. £17.75? Most expensive thing I have ever bought to put on my face!WP_20130910_003

Now, I’ve only used it twice, but as long as it continues the way it has gone so far, I am most definitely going to fall in love with it! My skin is all soft and lovely and it just feels nice. You don’t have to use a lot at a time either, so it should last a good while. Most reviews say that this is pretty good for spots, so all-in-all it’s looking positive!

There are more things going on, but to continue would be to border on the tedious! And that is the glory of having a blogging sub-plot!


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2 Responses to ‘She must be better, she’s baking lots!’: Making Changes – Volume 1

  1. lushnewry says:

    To match your Lush moisturiser you should try the Eau Roma Water water toner – so lovely! x

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