A Cinderella of Two Sisters

At least this is what I felt like earlier when my sister abandoned me to do the housework. Mum had asked us to, between us, sort out the kitchen, hang out the washing, and do the hoovering. Having done the kitchen and the washing, I figured Jenny would do the hoovering – that’s what she normally does. Of course she then came downstairs and told me that she was going to Canterbury, and off she went. So I got out the hoover before carrying on with my Britten book.

Herne Bay pier, with helter skelter!

Herne Bay pier, with helter skelter!

We don’t quite work out as a Cinderella-type story really. For obvious starters, we are real sisters. Then you can hardly say that she is an ugly sister. She’s pretty damn gorgeous. But she is also particularly convinced that she is always in the right and will bite your head off if you argue otherwise.

This just happened to me. She started a fitness course this week and had to run a mile and a half yesterday. Today she told Mum that she couldn’t possibly do the hoovering because she hurt so much. Grandma is here for dinner and, purely in jest, I pointed out that I’ve done exercise five days in a row and still did all the housework. Except I never got as far as saying I’d done the housework, because I was being shouted at about how I was so totally out of order. When I tried to gently say that I’d just been saying that I’ve exercised too, I was laid into about how what I’ve been doing is hardly strenuous compared to what she’s done.

But for me half an hour of pilates workout is strenuous! I haven’t done anything like it for ages, and when I came and sat in the garden with Mum this morning she could see the steam rising from me! (Attractive, I know.)

Between us I reckon we’ve got this Cinderella thing down though. Jen has the going out to parties looking gorgeous thing sorted, along with avoiding any major medical defects and issues (my body was like a trial run or something!), whilst I’ve got the quiet, homely side down to a T. Most of the time. But I think I would rather be Belle if I could…

More bins should look like this!

More bins should look like this!

Maybe I’m just a bit Disney obsessed right now. Not that I’m not normally, but it seems to be turning into a trend that I retreat into my childish state when I’m doing my ‘I don’t need a man’ thing. It happened in first year and I watched The Princess and the Frog every night for about three weeks! I meant to bring that film home with me but packed too fast to remember it! Everyone goes on about how unrealistic it is and all that (it is fantasy), but I find that sometimes I identify far too well with those princesses. Escape from reality much? Tiana is my favourite though, and not just because our names are all the same letters in a different order! She has a brilliant work ethic, even if everything does come good in the end because she falls in love with a prince!

Perhaps I should start a new category for this blog dedicated to ‘Posts about how Tania thinks she is a Disney character’.

I love the Birdseye Bear! When I was omnivorous I ate A LOT of fish fingers to collect tokens for a cuddly one!

I love the Birdseye Bear! When I was omnivorous I ate A LOT of fish fingers to collect tokens for a cuddly one!

My childish ways may have gone too far though. Mum threatened to disown me in the supermarket earlier when I insisted on having my photo taken with the big cardboard Birdseye Polar Bear, before entering the store and immediately picking up a copy of the new Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine, complete with a big Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and Winnie the Pooh cake stencils. I also got some cute new pyjamas with foxes on the bottoms and an Angry Birds/Star Wars shirt. That was from the men’s section because men often get infinitely better t-shirt designs! But when my Mum is embarrassed by me that really is something. I hope she was joking! Thankfully one of my friends has also declared that she was thinking about doing what I plan on doing: subscribing to the Disney magazine for seven issues to get the free Mickey waffle iron and then quitting!WP_20130905_012

Welcome to my worryingly Disney obsessed life. Similarly to my previous offer for any princes that have been transformed into Beasts; if there are any Prince Charmings knocking about, I’m always wearing slippers!

Yep. We used all our change until we hit 'jackpot' and got all the windows to open!

Yep. We used all our change until we hit ‘jackpot’ and got all the windows to open!


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