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Channelling my Inner Miley

I am about to go to bed. Today has been a very Sunday kind of Sunday, where I didn’t wake up until almost midday, spent too much time faffing around writing my earlier blog post, and eventually managed to sit … Continue reading

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The Pub Lunch Disaster and a Cake Detox

It has been an interesting few days. Friday was a busy one, and I forgot to do my reading again, but busy days still feel better! I had my audition for Symphony Orchestra first thing, which was okay but my … Continue reading

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Hold your horses, it’s Freshers’ week.

No, really. Hold your horses. The freshers all walk so slowly that you’re not going anywhere fast! I got to the point of almost shouting at the group of slow walkers I was stuck behind the other day that if … Continue reading

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It’s all about time

It must be said – I am a massive fan of all things wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey. My Doctor Who nerdism dates back to before it was cool; I watched old episodes when I was little before the new set of series began. … Continue reading

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When Passions Collide

Here I am, back in rainy old Cardiff. I wish I could say sunny, it would have made my trip to finally get my new student card a lot more pleasant. It is also possible that it could have been made more … Continue reading

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So it turns out that the greengrocer had abbreviated the apple name ‘Discovery’ to ‘Disco’. As my Mum is the sort of woman who can look at an apple and identify its variety, whereas I am more limited to red, … Continue reading

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‘She must be better, she’s baking lots!’: Making Changes – Volume 1

What with all the things that be a-changing (becoming a Postgrad… Becoming a Postgrad… Becoming… Okay. One really BIG change, but it is BIG!) and the way that I am trying to make my life more positive for the change, … Continue reading

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