I’m sorry sir, but I have a blurred conception of your song…

I need to get up tomorrow and leave the house!

I named her Julia. Mum put Julia out the window.

I named her Julia. Mum put Julia out the window.

After waking up at some point ridiculously early in the morning and finding a massive spider in the bath I went back to bed and refused to get up until about 10. It’s my own fault – I stayed up doing internetty things and chatting to my cousin last night. But then instead of doing stuff after my rather good lie in I just sat around. At some point I put the washing out for Mum but other than that, nothing. Eventually, I fell asleep on my bed. For 3 hours.

I don’t know about other people, but this is the problem I find with doing nothing; it makes me even more lethargic. So tomorrow I need to go out and find something to do! Even if I just go to the supermarket to buy some chilli powder and then wander to the beach and read or something!

However, Mum did tempt me out of the house by about 6 to go on an exciting excursion to Tesco. While she did the shopping I was sorting extra copies of graduation pictures and some other photos that I wanted printed. I then wandered off in search of a magazine. It was a nice thought, but there was nothing I wanted to read! Or at least nothing that I would pay the price of a magazine to read. I know I have plenty of books, and a Kindle, but I just wanted something different to read!

WP_20130830_003Naturally, I ended up in the book aisle. Browsing the two-for-one section I came across a promising looking cover; a picture of a piano and the title The Dominant. As I went to pick it up I noticed the tagline, ‘Before there was Fifty Shades of Grey…’ I died a little inside and retreated from the shelf. Despite this let-down I remained determined and eventually came across Jenny Eclair’s Life, Death and Vanilla Slices. I wasn’t certain about it, but then I also found Sophie Hannah’s intriguing looking The Carrier and decided that since I was so desperate for something new I may as well give it a go. We reached the checkout and I also did the mature thing and bought a new bag-for-life.

You REALLY thought I was going to be mature?

You REALLY thought I was going to be mature?

Not quite the Ryan Gosling colouring book I bought my friend, but it will do!

Not quite the Ryan Gosling colouring book I bought my friend, but it will do!

We  didn’t actually find everything we needed, so we nipped over to Sainsbury’s and I decided that, since it was on offer, a colouring book and some short pencils to go with it would be a good idea. That’s me sorted for when I can’t be bothered to read! That sounds so lazy… But do you know what I mean? Just that feeling when you’ve read too much and want to do something else!

When we were in the supermarkets something that struck me was the music. In the entertainment section of Tesco they were blaring out pop music. The first time I walked past it was Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and it was so loud that you couldn’t help but listen to it. I try not to be snobby, and although I spend the majority of my time around ‘classical’ music I do listen to popular stuff, but this song made me die a little inside. It’s not just the appalling lyrics but something to do with the sound of it as well. I’ve put it on Spotify to try and pinpoint what it is (private session, my friends might eat me otherwise!). It’s not easy to work out, but I think it’s just so plastic sounding. The main part of the content is hardly singing, and what there is is just a sort of crooning. It makes my insides shudder. And not in a good way. The backing track is all looped. Again. And again. And. Again. I can cope with minimalism and all sorts of wacky composition techniques (Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique for 100 Metronomes: Wow), but not this. I think it’s the combination of all its vapid features; musically Robin Thicke’s ‘song’ is the sum of its parts.

Comparatively, whilst watching Masterchef with Mum a good old bit of 90s cheese came on; Boyzone’s No Matter What. Yes, it’s cheesy, it’s got that slightly synthetic sound to it, and it sounds dated. But it didn’t make me die inside. It might have been edited, but the majority of the sounds are recognisable as instrumental. And there is singing. Real singing. It doesn’t quite have the dramatic ‘We-have-been-seated-but-will-now-stand’ key change that is normally a vital feature of any quality boyband song, but it can be excused as it does include an instrumental section and a ‘poignant’ rallentando. I might have hated them at the time, but compared to today’s popular music Boyzone have put a massive smile on my face this evening!

I am now listening to their most popular hits… If you need me, I will be in my time capsule avoiding contact with modern society!


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