Do you feel emotionally brilliant now?!

My family aren’t generally people for talking in hushed tones, so naturally I overheard my Mum telling Grandma over the phone that I’m still a bit of a state and not good. Yay, my family think I’ve lost it. Again.

We went into the city today to enrol my sister on her college course. Just like every other year, at least three people tried to enrol me. Sadly no one tried to get me to take the aptitude tests this year – we had decided that if they did I was going to let them send me off to take them! Jenny wanted me to take hers for her, but it turned out that she didn’t have to do one this year.

Afterwards we went and had some Subway for lunch, then did a bit of shopping. After my sister came to visit me in Cardiff I began to develop a notable addiction to Lush. I’ve been in there to buy stuff for my friends before, but never really bought anything for myself – I just found it overwhelming. Lately (well, since I went vegan for Lent) I’ve been thinking more about where my stuff comes from and what it is made from, which is obviously something Lush also think about a great deal. So when Jenny took me in and I actually really looked at and tried some products, I was on my way to conversion.

WP_20130827_006It started small, with a little pot of ‘Honey Trap’ lip balm (yummy-as, I struggle not to just eat it every time I put it on!), but Jen bought some popcorn flavoured lip scrub, which I tried at home and loved. Eventually I impulsively bought a pot of the stuff, and have been using it every day. This stuff is genius as whatever doesn’t scrub into your lips you get to eat!

Anyway, this does all relate to my family thinking I’ve emotionally destroyed myself again (I had some issues with my dissertation, it was quite bad). Although my general switch to animal-friendly makeup is meant to be occurring as I run out of items, my recent life upheaval caused me to decide that I should get something new and different now. I was going to buy some of Lush’s Emotional Brilliance in a good shade or red similar to a Loreal product I currently own once I’d finished the first, but have been contemplating something in a more neutral colour. The other night I had a play with their online colour spinner thing (do it, it’s oddly fun!) and it came up with the colour ‘Perspective’ as my weakness. I really liked the colour, so I noted it down. In my browsing I also came across ‘Quietly motivated’, and decided it was a good substitute for the ‘Dynamic’ and rather more sparkly looking eyeliner that the wheel recommended. For an intense year of postgraduate study I also thought that quiet motivation is probably a good thing.


The idea was to perhaps purchase these at some point in the future. But there we were, in town, next to Lush, and I am feeling like an emotional screw up. So why not say boo to the consequences and just do it?! And I did. Happily, my Mum approved of my choices!

Other shoppers found me a bit of an odd character though. In the process of making sure this is definitely what I wanted to do (at £14.50 each I wanted to be sure!) my sister gradually covered my arms in every colour of Emotional Brilliance. She came across the ‘Emotional brilliance’ illuminating powder and coated my arm in it, questioning if it made me feel emotionally brilliant. Sadly, it didn’t, I wish that was the cure, but it did make me laugh! We then had a bit more of a look round and she coated me in every single variety of perfume. I still smell interesting!


You can barely see them in the photo, but they make a gorgeously subtle difference!

Time for the Bake Off now! So excited because bread week is always amazing – it’s what got me into bread-making last year! Sadly, due to my ’emotional turmoil’ and fleeing back to Kent, I haven’t completed the technical challenge, but I’m hoping that the passionfruits in my fridge will keep and that I will be able to complete two in the next couple of weeks when more mouths to feed have appeared back in Cardiff!

Oh, and I’ve been naughty and bought a new bag… It had owls on it!



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