How much tea is too much tea?

So last night culminated in my rather tipsy Mother dipping a lollipop (stolen from my sister) in her glass of wine and enjoying it so much that she continued to do so, with a great deal of slurping and giggling.

That is not why we are here. Firstly, I would just like to say thank you to all the people who have liked, commented on, and followed my progress in this last week. I’m not very good at acknowledging stuff like that, but thank you, it means a lot!

I also have to say a massive thank you to Jules Paige, who I stumbled across here, for sending me kind words and helping me to solve my problems when I couldn’t stop directing everyone to the wrong site! And for teaching me about haibun. It is intriguing and I would never have known of its existence otherwise!

This is starting to sound all emotional and Oscar-speech-y in my head now. I will stop and move on to my brain’s most recent ramblings!

Today in the mad-house we are pretending that I am ill. It’s sort of happened. After the hour-long banana eating fiasco yesterday (that is not kinky. In any way. It genuinely took me an hour to eat a banana), my stomach has decided that, actually, it doesn’t feel so good. It is after midday and I am sitting in my pyjamas, slippers, and dressing gown, and I feel cold. Mum says that this is just me, and that all the shock and upset is making me feel a bit naff.

Speak of the devil. She has just pulled up in the car. I am still sitting where I was when she left. Still in my pyjamas. I should really go and have a shower… Too late now!

Anyway. I’ve eaten a banana today. And drank a lot of tea. It’s sad, but I am using it to keep me full up because I feel hungry but I cannot eat much. Even though I feel hungry it is nowhere near what I normally feel though. This has never ever happened before. I do not like it.

Mum is cooking roast dinner later, so I shall endeavour to eat that. I will always eat what is put in front of me.

But is there such a thing as too much tea? I am about to have another cup!


About tattipenguin

I'm a music graduate who likes to cook too much!
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