‘It’s not you, it’s me’

Yep. That’s what happened to me last night.

I won’t say I got dumped, it was a definite breaking up. But it doesn’t matter, I was absolutely distraught. I still am, but I’m in a better place. Literally. After having to sleep at the offending boy’s house because there was no one else in Cardiff and my Mum didn’t want me on my own, I went home this morning, wept in the shower (attractive, I know), then cleaned up the house, packed my bag, then went and got on a train back home-home.

I am a very lucky girl, really, aside from the currently feeling like I’ve had my heart ripped out, because my Dad works for the railway. If he didn’t, my impulsive behaviour would have been rewarded with over £200 worth of train ticket. As it is, I paid £51 for an open return. Under normal circumstances I would have gotten the Megabus, but this morning I struggled to eat a banana (it took me about an hour) and couldn’t work out if I was hungry or wanted to throw up. I get bus sick. This wouldn’t have been good. So yeah. At 12:25 I got on a train, looking pretty rough and feeling very sorry for myself.

Aside from almost beating up a few people (a couple overheard my conversation with my Dad and sat openly smirking at me. Then another guy got out a ridiculously smelly barbecue chicken sandwich. Considering it took me until about 1 to stomach real food, this assault on my senses was not appreciated), my journey to and across London was pretty uneventful. My journey through Kent was both lovely and hysterical: the train I got on was being conducted by my Dad, so he sat and looked after me (and I convinced him that we are trying to make this break amicable, so he didn’t need to beat up the boy and that unfriending him on facebook would be enough). The hysteria came in when a couple of old friends from ‘the island’ came across each other. This will sound snobby, but it is generally accepted that this place is pretty rough, and these two guys spent most of their journey pretty much shouting across the table at each other in English but not as you know it. There were a lot of ‘innits’ and ‘bluds’.

I sound like a horrible person…

But yeah, they amused me for a bit. Anyway, now I am home and my Mum is looking after me. This post is very stream of consciousness because I’m trying to sort of explain what happened without thinking about it too much. And because I need to get it done fast because Mum has had a couple of glasses of wine and is complaining/joking about how annoying my typing is.

Normal service is planned to resume tomorrow!

There is some good news: My Townies worked out really well! I will post the recipe once I am back in Cardiff. 🙂

Oh god… My Mum is using a pencil and a beer can as a drum. Who gave her alcohol?!

She just threw the can at my sister.

This is definitely why I came home.


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I'm a music graduate who likes to cook too much!
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