Why does it always rain on me?

I’d like to say it was because I lied when I was 17. The reality of it is that I moved to Wales. And I was 19, so it really doesn’t work.

Today was meant to be a day of extreme activity and productivity. I was going to get up reasonably, do some washing and hang it out before the forecast rain, then cycle into town and spend a good chunk of my day in Central Library doing some reading for my course.

Best laid plans…

The reality was that I woke up at 5 this morning, when I discovered that I had rolled quite far in the night and headbutted the wall, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I then realised exactly how I wanted to write the post/article that I’d agreed to write for my uni’s counselling service, so I turned on the computer and wrote that between about 6 and 7. I got up, made some mint tea (absolute morning favourite), brought it back upstairs and promptly fell back asleep. Eventually, I woke up. It was now about 11 and my tea was icy cold.

Stupidly, I still did the washing. The forecast said it wasn’t meant to rain until 6 this evening, so I took the risk – by the time the machine had finished it was still going to get a good 5 hours freshening on the line. I was absolutely gutted when, just as I pegged out the last item, the Welsh weather did the closest thing it could to spitting in my eye, and began to rain. So I dragged it all back in again and hung it on the airer. Teaches me to try and smell nice.

I’d like to say that I have redeemed myself for my lengthy lie in. Not so. I found a recipe for a really tasty looking banana chocolate marble cake the other day and decided that since I had almost every ingredient already I should give it a go. My boyfriend also told me that I would be winning at life if I made it (he is cooking dinner so we decided I would provide pudding – a pretty standard protocol). The chocolate that I used is not vegan, so this is not vegan cake, but I am fascinated by vegan baking and love that this could be if I would just bother to find the right chocolate. As it was, I bought my favourite dark chocolate from Lidl. I haven’t tried the cake yet, but it looks awesome!


The problem is that once I start baking, I want to bake EVERYTHING. Consequently, it is probably a bad thing that I stumbled across this article about the ‘townie’ this morning. A brownie in a pastry case. What a beautiful, if fattening, idea. The boyfriend is going home to see his parents tomorrow, so if I wanted to instigate attempt 1 at creating a recipe for this as soon as possible, it really had to be today. I am combining my favourite shortcrust pastry recipe with my all time favourite brownie recipe, and my pastry is almost ready so I shall be leaving you momentarily. If this works, I will do it again and post a recipe. If it doesn’t, I shall keep trying! If it never works, I will post the brownie recipe because it is divine!


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I'm a music graduate who likes to cook too much!
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