It’s okay, it only hit me on my head!

You know you’ve had a long day and haven’t eaten enough when you find an email in your junk box entitled ‘On-coming’ and just giggle to yourself.

Although I have a bit of a headache now, I have no complaints – it is entirely my own fault. I had my induction at the charity shop, which was meant to be 9-1, and I just sort of stayed there all day and it became 9-5:30, with frequent cups of tea and some biscuits for lunch. I will definitely be more organised/disciplined in future, but I just  got so swept up in the excitement of doing something new today! And I knew that if I went home, there isn’t really anything half as interesting to do. It gets lonely.

Thinking about it, the headache is quite possibly a side effect of a boxed-up model village falling on my head… I was thinking that I don’t normally get headaches if I forget to eat properly!

The problem with volunteering in a charity shop is that it has reminded me just how much I love them. I used to go charity-shop-hopping with my Grandma all the time and it’s still something that we talk about a lot when we do get to talk – she’s always finding little nicknacks and bargains (my Mum and her brothers all sigh in despair every time she buys something else, but I love talking to her about it nonetheless). In fact, I phoned her up as soon as I got home to tell her what I did today because I thought she would love it. Anyway, back to my (vague) point. I used to shop in charity shops loads, but struggled once I moved to Cardiff because I could never really find any – only the ones down by Central Station, and they were always ‘expensive’. Here is my tip for any thrifty shoppers new to the Cardiff area: Crwys Rd and Albany Rd. They’re not in the centre of town, but they are a treasure trove of charity shops and all sorts. I used to live off Albany Rd and you don’t need to go anywhere else for anything, I swear! And there’s a farmers’ market just round the corner on Saturdays!

Nope, that was still not my point, but hopefully it will be useful to someone, someday!

My 'selfie' skills lie in around the range of... Zero. But the necklace is pretty!

My ‘selfie’ skills lie in around the range of… Zero. But the necklace is pretty!

The point was that I bought stuff. There have been so many donations recently (seriously, I almost got buried under an avalanche of bin-bags whilst I was doing some steaming!) that the duty manager (who is lovely) decided to make everything half price from 12 onwards. So things were already a bargain price, and my first item got set aside when I pointed at a necklace – metal wire with a blue oval pendant – and said ‘ooh, that’s pretty’ (for 50p I can’t really say that I minded, and I love it!). I then saved a Where’s Wally shirt from going to rag – another 50p. These places are a hive of temptation!

If you tuck this into your skirt it creates a 'Where's Wally? Oh, in your pants!' kind of effect.

If you tuck this into your skirt it creates a ‘Where’s Wally? Oh, in your pants!’ kind of effect.

WP_20130822_002I came across another couple of items whilst sorting through to make things were in the right places, so I purchased these once the shop had shut: a dotty top from Topshop (it’s actually quite long and smock-like), which I had a hunch would look fab tucked into a blue skirt that I came across. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no head for fashion, I just know what I like (my sister laughed when I told her that on occasion people have asked me where I get my clothes!). But I think they look pretty good. Obviously they look better in the photo where they’re not on me, as we have already established that my selfie skills are awful/limited.

WP_20130822_004WP_20130822_001In spite of these lovely, lovely things (I really need to find a different word…), my proudest find in fact comes in the form of an extremely beaten-up paperback. I’d arrived at the books more by chance than anything else (I had vowed to stay away after my recent excess of purchases) and ended up making everyone laugh hysterically when I audibly gasped and snatched a volume from the shelf. Coming in at 637 pages, I had stumbled across a copy of John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany, one of the books on the BBC 100 list that I am reading. If I ever come across one of the books at a bargain price, I have to grab it, no matter how long my current reading list is! I took the book to the back room and proclaimed to the duty manager that it was a glorious day because I had been looking for this book and for £1 it was a bargain. She looked at it and said ‘Look at the state of it! That shouldn’t even have been on the shop floor!’ I was then told I could have it for a donation of 10p. I could have wept with joy. However, we were then sent out on the mission of checking to make sure that none of the other books on the shelves were in a similar condition (the fact that I would have paid the pound for the book even in its ‘state’ says something about my approach to reading – if I want to read it I will, no matter the condition! Only missing pages will deter me, obviously). The problem with the task was that all three of us attempting it turned out to be bibliophiles in some degree – I practically wept at the idea of removing the Complete Works of Shakespeare from the shelf just because it looked a bit old and had a slight tear in the spine, so we ended up leaving it because it is Shakespeare. We then ended up leaving other books because there were multiple novels by popular authors, even though they clearly had been read to death. Someone else will probably have to do that job really – we took very few books off and then another girl put aside a book we thought was in really good condition and was told that it was also too tatty to be out. That must be some sort of moral for people that think charity shops don’t have standards – they really really do!

So. I had a fantastic day. And I came home to a tasty dinner of red pepper and goats cheese risotto, a recipe which I found upon joining WordPress. I have absolutely NO idea how to link you to said recipe, but it is located in a wonderful blog called KitchenMason, if you want to look it up! If you do look, you may wonder how on earth a jobless student afforded that. It is simple:

  1. I shop at Lidl
  2. I’ve had a massive box of risotto rice waiting to be used ever since it was on offer in Lidl
  3. I also had wine left over from the other night.

That just about covers it really! And on that note, I wish you Good Night!

WP_20130821_001P.S./Ed. I totally just managed to work out this link thing! I don’t want to change how much of a moron I sound in the original posting because that just doesn’t seem honest, but the I can now link you to KitchenMason’s Roasted Red Pepper and Goats Cheese Risotto recipe!



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One Response to It’s okay, it only hit me on my head!

  1. julespaige says:

    I enjoy shopping at charity shops too. You found my post that I shared about a dress and jacket I found. I am really happy that they are both able to be washed in the washing machine too! Though for the right price I will pay for dry cleaning…occasionally 🙂

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