I’m bored, let’s save the world!

Okay, okay. It’s not as dramatic as all that. But this does make me feel good.

I am currently in that nasty position of waiting to start my postgraduate studies whilst being unemployed. I have been searching and searching for a part time job, and it isn’t going well. Last night I went over to my boyfriend’s house to watch the Bake Off (Oh my gosh, SO GOOD!) and en route I noticed a sign in a charity shop window, asking for volunteers. As I continued on my way, I thought some more about this, and realised that whilst ultimately I do need a ‘proper’ job (really badly), there would be no harm in doing some volunteering.

In fact, it is actually something that I have wanted to do for a long time but never got the chance to do; whilst I was in sixth form I had a job in a supermarket that filled most of my spare time, and whilst I was doing my undergrad I dedicated my life to the music department. But right now I am sitting around the house, reading a lot of books and applying for jobs. Seeing as there is only so much time you can sit in front of the computer doing applications, or wandering round with CVs, I decided in the space of about two minutes last night that I wanted to volunteer in a charity shop.

When I reached my boyfriend’s house I proposed my idea to him and he told me that he could tell I was climbing the walls with nothing to do, so it seemed a good idea. I then text my Mum about it and after discussion she said that she thought it was a lovely idea too. My evening was then spent growing more and more hungry as we watched this year’s Bake Off contestants produce mountains of cake. It was a good evening, rounded off with apple pie.

This morning my resolve was still strong, so I got myself ready and pretty much marched myself round the corner to the charity shop, where I was greeted by a group of absolutely lovely people, received an application form, had a good chat about volunteering, and organised my induction for tomorrow. I am incredibly excited!

The charity supports the Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre in Wales, providing treatment for children with cerebral palsy. I looked up the website before I went over and read about people that have been treated at the centre, and it made me smile so much. Whilst big charities are important, I love local charities as the effect of their work can be seen so much closer to home. I’m not going to go roll off into a discussion of this, because I could just waffle on all day and it won’t be pretty! The long and short is that I will be heading over for an induction tomorrow morning and I am very excited to be fulfilling an actually useful item on my ‘bucket list’ (I don’t actually have a bucket list. Maybe I should make one sometime…).


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I'm a music graduate who likes to cook too much!
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