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I’m sorry sir, but I have a blurred conception of your song…

I need to get up tomorrow and leave the house! After waking up at some point ridiculously early in the morning and finding a massive spider in the bath I went back to bed and refused to get up until … Continue reading

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The Men Who Made Us Rage!

I am not one to rant, rave, or generally do anything else radical about political or social matters. It may not be enough for some people, but my general attitude is to take a balanced approach to things and to … Continue reading

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Do you feel emotionally brilliant now?!

My family aren’t generally people for talking in hushed tones, so naturally I overheard my Mum telling Grandma over the phone that I’m still a bit of a state and not good. Yay, my family think I’ve lost it. Again. … Continue reading

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The Lion, the Witch and… Will you STOP that ticking?!

In terms of Christmas and Birthday presents, there have been two noticeable trends running through my life since about the age of 10: Books and alarm clocks. No, the two do not go hand in hand, I just happen to … Continue reading

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How much tea is too much tea?

So last night culminated in my rather tipsy Mother dipping a lollipop (stolen from my sister) in her glass of wine and enjoying it so much that she continued to do so, with a great deal of slurping and giggling. … Continue reading

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‘It’s not you, it’s me’

Yep. That’s what happened to me last night. I won’t say I got dumped, it was a definite breaking up. But it doesn’t matter, I was absolutely distraught. I still am, but I’m in a better place. Literally. After having … Continue reading

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Why does it always rain on me?

I’d like to say it was because I lied when I was 17. The reality of it is that I moved to Wales. And I was 19, so it really doesn’t work. Today was meant to be a day of … Continue reading

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